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Portland Type IL(MS) Cement

Portland Limestone Cement (aka PLC, Type IL Cement) is uniquely formulated to reduce the environmental footprint of Portland Cement. This cement is manufactured by intergrinding portland cement clinker with up to 15% limestone. Blended cements such as Type IL are used in all aspects of concrete construction in the same manner as portland cements. Blended cements can be used as the sole cementitious material in concrete or they can be used in combination with other supplementary cementitious materials added at the concrete plant. Laboratory tests indicate that the performance of concrete made with Type IL cement as a group is similar to that of Type I/II (MH) cement concrete.


Type IL(MS) Portland Cement is uniquely formulated to provide: 1) the basic performance characteristics of Type IL Portland Cement and 2) the moderate sulfate resistance and lower heat of hydration characteristic of Moderate Sulfate (MS) Resistant Portland Cement Ash Grove South’s Type IL(13)(MS) Portland Cement exceeds all applicable ASTM, Federal, State highway and AASHTO specifications for Portland Cement, and can be shipped by bulk or packaged.


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Stucco Cement

Ash Grove’s Stucco Cement is specifically formulated and manufactured to produce an ASTM C-929 Portland Cement plaster mix M facing material that can be applied to any interior or exterior flat or curved surface that is dimensionally stable.


Manufactured from high quality Portland Cement, plasticizers, workability agents, and air-entraining additives. These ingredients are proportioned, combined, and packaged under strictly-controlled conditions to ensure uniformity and excellent performance.


Ash Grove’s Stucco Cement offers everything you could ask for – it has fantastic workability, glides on easily and instantly clings to itself. Stucco contractors find that its dense consistency makes it easy to define texture and create a beautiful, weather resistant finish.


Ash Grove’s Stucco Cement exceeds ASTM C 1328 Standard Specification for Plastic (Stucco) Cement used to produce scratch, brown, and finish coat applications, as defined in ASTM C 926 Application of Portland Cement-Based Plaster, and can be shipped by bulk or packaged.


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High Strength Masonry Cement

Ash Grove South’s High Strength Masonry Cement is ideally designed for both commercial and residential construction. Ash Grove’s High Strength Masonry Cement has all the characteristics to ensure productivity on the job site; superior workability, long board life, great bond strength and uniform color.


Manufactured from high quality Portland Cement clinker, plasticizers, ground limestone, and air-entraining additives under rigid, laboratory controlled conditions, Ash Grove’s High Strength Masonry Cement performs dependably, batch after batch.


Ash Grove’s High Strength Masonry Cement conforms to ASTM C 91 Standard Specification for Masonry Cement and will produce a Type M mortar as specified by ASTM C 270, Standard Specification for Mortar for Unit Masonry, and can be shipped by bulk or packaged.


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White Cement

Ash Grove South offers White Cement to the Florida Market. White Cement is used to produce fresh, bright colors, especially for light pastels. By using White Cement you are able to create many different colors by adding pigments to concrete made with White Cement. Two or more pigments allow you to achieve a wide range of colors. You also have the option of using colored aggregates and varying the surface finish treatment and texture to give you a variety of decorative looks. White Cement is becoming more popular in the market today with so many options. If you want your design to stand out apart from others, call Ash Grove South today to order our White Cement.


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