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Dear Valued Customer:


Many businesses have faced unprecedented supply chain disruption and cost increases this past year. Our 3rd-party Haulers have already seen significant increases in wages and are now seeing increasing fuel inflation associated with the geopolitical uncertainty in Eastern Europe and are passing on those additional costs.


As a result, Ash Grove South will be re-implementing a Fuel Surcharge. The Fuel Surcharge will be updated on a regular basis and you should receive email notification of future adjustments as we are notified of adjustments. The current fuel surcharge will be available via our 24/7 Customer Service Line (352-559-9974) and on our website.


We will be unable to offer any price protection. All sales are subject to our standard terms and conditions.


Please note that this Fuel Surcharge is based on your Dispatch and Delivery rate and only affects delivered pricing (it will not affect cement material price).


You may be able to reduce your delivered pricing by contracting freight directly with your 3rd-party Hauler. If you are interested in directly contracting with your 3rd-party Hauler please reach out to your salesperson or our 24/7 Customer Service Line (352-559-9974) for your 3rd-Party Hauler’s contact information.


Ash Grove South sincerely appreciates your support and loyalty as we continually strive to provide you with the best quality and service in the industry.

Current Rate

18% Fuel Surcharge Effective December 10, 2023


Fuel Surcharge is applied to the Dispatch and Delivery Rate and based on AAA average Florida Diesel Price (https://gasprices.aaa.com/state-gas-price-averages/) compared against the following table: